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At Value Search Asia Limited we believe in the value of teamwork, efficiency, and integrity to achieve the goal of placement. The unique cultures and business practices throughout the Asia Pacific region makes it both a fascinating and challenging region to conduct business. Hence, our success is largely attributed to our locally-hired consultants, who have specialized expertise in working with Asian and International firms. From the beginning we have strived to build long term partnerships with both our clients and candidates, meeting requirements and fostering the relationship overtime.

For our clients, the practice is to assign a single point of contact, whilst mobilizing the entire team to assist the dedicated consultant in managing the search. This method enables us to clearly understand the requirements, and identify and narrow down the relevant talent pool based on our client’s request.

For our candidates, we operate in a team-based approach. Our consultants collaborate across client service areas to assist the candidates in their job search. This approach allows us to ensure the job search is conducted smoothly and efficiently.